Broker's Benefits

Broker's Benefits

The firm was one of the first to establish a 100 percent commission program; with over 13 years in the industry, and 3 Convenient Office Locations in the hottest markets, BROKER’S LLC has been diligently dedicated in providing all of our agents with the best support available and all of the necessary tools for a profitable endeavor.



Our team is beyond knowledgeable on all of the real estate market’s changing trends, which is a valuable asset for clients looking to purchase or invest by either buying, selling, or renting.


Our database of pre-construction projects is always up to date with projects brochures and information. Ask us today to learn about the latest information for South Florida’s up-and-coming developments.


At BROKER'S we take pride in each end every one of our agents. Our main focus is
to help them maximize their business and their own profits on every sale.

In essence, BROKER'S is a platform of support services at your disposition, that’s why we say: BROKER’S WORKS FOR YOU!


1.   Pioneer of the 100% commission programs.

2.   FREE Identity Package for 100% commission programs including Business
Cards, Facebook & Twitter Business Pages, 6 HD e-flyers + FREE Website

3.   FREE Trainings

4.   Available Brokers to Answer your questions 24/7

5.   Real Estate Networking Events

6.   Developers and Pre-Construction Projects Visits

7.   Access to 3 Convenient Office Locations

8.   Commission disbursement at the closing table available.

9.   Direct access to manage your own MLS listings.

10. Outstanding agent assistance service.

11. Friendly and familiar working atmosphere.

12. No hidden fees.

13. Strong non-competing Broker policy.

14. Rewarding agent referral program with generous incentives.

15. Optional Services in House: Title Company, Attorney, Property Management,
Marketing Department, Notary and more.

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